Citrus Demolition and Land Clearing is here to help with all of your land clearing needs! We are a licensed and fully insured. We pride ourselves in treating all projects with the care and professionalism to get the job done on time and on budget. Whether you have a half acre brush removal job or a 1000 acre commercial project we have the equipment and an experienced crew ready to tackle the job. No job is too big or too small for us.


Citrus Demolition and Land Clearing is your one stop source for site preparation. We can clear and grade your land for new home construction and prep your home site for a slab to be poured, stem wall for mobile home to be set, or to finally add that shed, outbuilding or pole barn you’ve been wanting. Pads can be cleared for your RV, Camper or even swimming pool. We can also clear and grade a path for your new or improved driveway and carport.


At Citrus Demolition and Land Clearing, demolition is what we do best. Years of experience and professional equipment are what make the difference in getting the job done quickly and correctly. Having equipment that is large enough and powerful enough to complete the task in a timely manner cost you less and allows you to move forward with your plans. We tear down and haul away single family residential homes, duplexes, multi-home complexes, condos and commercial buildings. Our masters of destruction are trained to follow all safety standards and are licensed and insured.


Whether you are dealing with thick forestry or overgrown fields, our team here at Citrus Demolition and Land Clearing uses the industry’s best tools to clear your land. We have worked for years to refresh landscapes and help people refresh their properties. We believe in a conscientious method of land clearing. Forestry Mulching is a much quicker and efficient manner of land clearing. Our knowledgeable and experienced crew will recycle the growth of your land and give it back to the soil. The finished product leaves a highly desirable nutrient-rich mulch, resulting in fresh and fertile land wherever you choose to place your mulch. This cost-effective service can instantly beautify your property.

There are many environmental benefits to forestry mulching services that include:

  • Adding nutrients to the existing soil by leaving behind organic materials
  • Minimizing root disruptions, leaving wanted trees healthier
  • Environmentally safe and immediate use of the property after the mulching process
  • Avoid erosion and runoff issues conventional clearing results in
  • Save cost of hauling debris
  • In most cases, no permits required to complete the project
  • No burn piles or unsightly brush piles
  • No dirt work re-leveling required after clearing
  • Retention of rainwater on land allowing promoting grass growth
  • Land prepared for measurements and surveying for home or structure placement